March 20


Panel discussion guest for

AI and the Future of Learning

an International School of Luxembourg Symposium organized on the 14th of March 2023.

Petre Bica

Senior Digital Learning Consultant

AI-Based L&D Solutions Adviser

for The Learning Distillery

“We are thrilled to have hosted such an esteemed panel of speakers who provided valuable insights into the impact of AI and the future of learning” – Dr. David J. Condon, Director (ISL)

Panel guests:

  • Pedro Castilho - Board Member, ISL
  • Dr. David J. Condon - Director, International School of Luxembourg
  • Sherridan Masters - Head of Technology, ISL
  • Rocío López Pérez - Tech Educator, Luxembourg Tech School
  • Serge Linckels - Director, Digital Learning Hub
  • Sasha Baillie - CEO, Luxinnovation
  • Petre BICA - Digital Learning Consultant, The Learning Distillery
  • Emilia Tantar, PhD - Chief Data & AI Officer, Black Swan LUX

In this discussion, the opportunities, limitations, and risks of new AI technologies were addressed from the different angles offered by the various professions and life experiences of the participants.

My contribution was that of a Learning & Development practitioner from an organizational environment with a background in operations management and process improvement.

In my work experience, I have typically observed an increased level of anxiety among people regarding various disruptive changes and technologies. Various projects and empirical research over the years have pointed me to low predictability due to insufficient systemic understanding as a potential root cause. The low level of understanding of the whole in which one's work fits dictates a low ability to anticipate change.


AI, AIED, Artificial Intelligence, International School of Luxembourg, Learning & Development

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